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Japanese Cosplayer Enako

time 2017/04/25

Japanese Cosplayer Enako

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Japan’s leading cosplayer Enako

Enako is a Japanese female cosplayer.
Enako is also a voice actor and a singer.

Enako’s activities

Enako has started mail-order sales of photo books distributed on comiket.

Recently, Enako has increased exposure in the media.
Enako is also a voice actor of the famous game “A Farewell to Arms”.

Enako uploads cosplay images and fashionable images in the Instagram.
She also participates frequently in local TV and events in Aichi Prefecture. Because she is from Aichi.

Origin named Enako

Enako was the first handle name “Erina Minazuki”.
Next, “Erina Minazuki” became “Ena”.
After several weeks, it is said that it became “Enako”.
It seems that the reason why he named “Erina Minazuki” was just cute.

Enako’s Official Account

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